Monday, August 01, 2005

NASA cont.

Today I read an article in "Time" Magazine about the Space Shuttle. See it here. The Shuttle needs to be permanetly grounded. The planners for the new space crafts need to get going. The Shuttle is dangerous to those in it. One of the fixes for the shuttle is a laser sight boom. Well what happens if the controller hits the shuttle. Bam! You are stuck on ISS for 5 weeks waiting for the sister ship to come give you a ride. The shuttle costs around $500 million a flight. Which is a lot. Especially if you drop off more supplies then haul 13 tons of garbage back home to Florida. NASA needs to just design a flying warehouse and trash can that gets strapped to a Delta V rocket and launched to ISS. Doesn't even need to be manned. That way if it explodes all that burns up on reentry is 13 tons of trash.

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