Thursday, November 10, 2005


I can't figure out what is wrong with people these days. My school is three stories and the sixth grade is on the second floor. At the end of the day mass chaos breaks out on the second floor landing. As many people are trying to exit the floor through one of the doors (there are two doors into and out of the floor) the people trying to get onto the floor are going through the same door. Which makes a gigantic people jam if you are trying to go to a lower floor. What gets me is that no one is smart enough to open the other door. It just makes me mad. All the people who are in to big of a rush to think for a second and say, "Hey if I opened this door I would get to my locker faster." And I also have to yell at the designers of the school for not making one of the doors open into the floor not into the landing because I think that if it had a push bar instead of a handle the door would be opened during rush hour. The Boy


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airhead said...

yeh...people can be real tards...that hallway u have to use gets real crouded....but just think bout next'll have wider hallways, but more people using them! its always a pain gettin into my locker before 9th hour...cuz of the people comin out of gym,...oh the joys of jr. high, huh?